1. First we follow in eye a soldier running through a corridor, firepoles on the walls flickering -- actually it's the castle walls, but we dont know that yet...
  2. Next we see a catapult rolling up on a hill
  3. Back to look from the soldier running towards a window
  4. Back to the catapult, in position, pullng back its arm
  5. Back to the guy is closing in on the window
  6. Catapult launches its rock
  7. Soldier peaks out the window, sees the rock coming straight at him at high speed
  8. BANG
  9. A black screen, brief silence
  10. Fade in smoke, dust, rubble
  11. Zoom out to reveal a badly damanged wall
  12. Keep zooming out to an overview of the castle under attack
  13. Raise the volume with the roar of war - thousands of men in the heat of battle


  1. Start with just the sound of the soldier breathing heavily, his armour rattling as he runs, voices shouting orders in the background
  2. Come in with a steady military drum and low key war music when we introduce the catapult
  3. Only play the music when viewing the catapult - audibly separating the two scenes
  4. Build the music up until the rock strikes
  5. Smash! Then silence...
  6. As we zoom out return with a striking orchestral ensemble