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Since this is a community project, I do not want to make decisions on the website by myself. Some ideas I have:

  • Content Management System - I'm currently running a site in Drupal, and I like it a lot, and am comfortable with it.
  • Forum - Don't want to take up Charlie's space on the freegamer forums, and Drupal comes with a built in forums module, which is easy to use.
  • Wiki - We have this wiki..we can link it..:)

Any other ideas or things one would like to see, post it here, and use the talk page for comments.

Max: Well, gallery is a must. News are a must. A blog service or blog aggregator would be nice. I'm also thinking of some kind of collaboartive document editind like in GOffice, but that's a bit overkill and we can use GOffice.